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It's a big week full of interesting releases. We've got your details.
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The Supreme Court of the United State is shrouded in mystery.  The decisions they make have far-reaching and long-running impacts on all aspects of our society.  Yet cameras are not allowed into their proceedings, and rarely do they give open interviews or stand for intimate profile pieces.  In recent years, this has begun to change and we now see some Justices having a more public profile but much of what goes on inside the court remains a mystery.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the second woman to be appointed to the court.  RBG profiles her rise to that position and her championing of women's rights one she got there. 

Reviews have been universally good and the trailer makes her look like a rock star.  I'm fascinated by the Supreme Court but have to admit I know little about the individual justices.  I'm looking forward to learning more about Justice Ginsburg and watching this film.

The Flash: The Complete Fourth Season:  My favorite series in the Arrowverse is back.  Things took a dark turn in Season Three but new characters and a non-speedster Big Bad promise to lighten things up in Season Four.  You can read my full review.

Universal Classic Monsters: Complete 30-Film Collection:  A huge collection of pretty much all the classic monster movies.  They are also available in individual monster sets.  These things have been released and repackaged several times before and I don’t see that this set brings anything new to the table, but it's nice to have them all collected together and if you missed it the first (or second, or third) time ‘round, now’s your chance.

American Animals:  Four young men mistake their lives for a movie and attempt one of the most audacious heists in U.S. history. Read Matt St. Clair's review.

Memories of Underdevelopment (Criterion Collection):  Left behind by his wife and family in the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs, the bourgeois intellectual Sergio passes his days wandering Havana and idly reflecting. His amorous entanglements and political ambivalence gradually giving way to a mounting sense of alienation.

Book Club:  Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, and Candice Bergen star in this story about four lifelong friends who have their lives changed forever after reading 50 Shades of Grey.

Upgrade:  Set in the near-future, technology controls nearly all aspects of life but when Grey, a self-identified technophobe, has his world turned upside down his only hope for revenge is an experimental computer-chip implant called Stem.

Tag:  Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, Jon Hamm star in this based-on-a-true-story comedy about a group of friends who take the children’s game of tag to extremes.

Mary Shelley:  Elle Fanning stars in this drama about the love affair between Mary and Percy Shelley and the writing of Frankenstein.

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