Neil Young Asks "Who's Gonna Stand Up?" in Latest Single

Will you answer the call?
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Rust never sleeps and netiher does Neil Young, who has released a brand new studio recording titled, "Who's Gonna Stand Up?," via It is featured on his upcoming album, STOREYTONE, which will be released this November.

The song was originally performed at a Crazy Horse show in the U.K. this summer and more recently was part of Young's solo acoustic set at Farm Aid this past Sept 13th, at Walnut Creek Amphitheater in Raleigh North Carolina. The audience did indeed stand up and sing along in unison in support of the song's plea to end our dependence of fossil fuels and realize our responsibility to protect our earth's fragile eco systems to ensure the quality of life for future generations. To learn more visit:

Young also recorded the track backed by a 92-piece symphony and choir. Live, orchestral, and solo acoustic versions of "Who's Gonna Stand Up?" are all available via and can be heard below. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite version.

"Who's Gonna Stand Up" (Live version with Crazy Horse)

"Who's Gonna Stand Up" (orchestral version)

"Who's Gonna Stand Up" (acoustic)

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