Movie Recon: The Lie, I Melt With You, & The Rum Diary

Today's recon brings you posters, trailers, and stills from The Lie, I Melt with You, and The Rum Diary.
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Today's recon has information on three upcoming movies.  First up is The Lie, an independent film about two idealists who find themselves conforming and a great big lie that may change it all. Next is I Melt with You about some college buddies getting together and finding more than they bargained for. Lastly, we've got the The Rum Diary based on a Hunter S. Thompson novel and starring Johnny Depp.


The Lie


Story: Based on a short story by T.C. Boyle, The Lie tells the story of two young idealists whose lives get derailed by a pregnancy and then the baby. Having now conformed in every possible way, the husband makes up the lie that the baby has died so that he can take a break from his life.

Filmmakers: Starring Joshua Leonard, who also directs the film; Jess Wexler; and Mark Webber.

Status: Locked on Target. The plot synopsis doesn't appear to do the film justice. I've got a five-month-old child and while I can certainly understand how a baby can dereail your life the thought of pretending she died just to get a break from my obligations is horrible.  Yet, if the trailer is an indication, the movie has a subtlety and depth of emotion to it that really makes me want to watch this one.

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I Melt With You



Story: Four old college friends meet together each year in Big Sur to reminisce, catch up, and party. This year the partying gets out of contol and souls get laid bare.  When a promise from their past catches up to them, things get dark.

Filmmakers: Directed by Mark Pellington and stars Rob Lowe, Thomas Jane, Christian McKay and Jeremy Piven.

Status: On the Radar. A plot like that could go either way, depending on how its handled. I like Lowe, Jane, and Piven pretty well and they certainly have the masculine chops to pull it off. I've only seen a couple of things by Pellington (Arlington Road and the "One" music video) and while he certainly seem competent enough, neither of those things is enough to get me to the theatres.  I think I'll wait until the reviews come in to decide whether or not to see it.

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The Rum Diary




Story: Based on a novel by Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary concerns a journalist, who after growing sick of the madness of New York City, travels to the idylic island of Puerto Rico to write for a local paper.  There he soaks up a lot of rum, falls mad for a beautiful woman engaged to a shady businessman, and gets heavily involved in the dark underbelly of the sunny island. 

Filmakers: Directed and written by Bruce Robinson and starring Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhard, Amber Heard, and Giovanni Ribisi.

Status: Locked on Target. Though I've not read the novel, I'm a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson.  Johnny Depp has already proven he can play Thompson in his fictionalized versions of himself. Add in an additional great cast and a director who has proven he can make a great film soaked in booze (Withnail and I) and I'm ready to lay my money down.

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