Movie Recon: The Immortals, Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

This installment contains two different takes on some ancient myths.
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Today's installment of Movie Recon consists of two fantasies. Immortals is the tale of Greek gods and kings as told by the producers of 300 and the director of the Fall; the second is a four-part motion comic based upon Norse mythology.  Learn more, see the poster art, and watch some trailers below.

The Immortals


Tarsem Singh has made a couple of movies (The Cell, The Fall) neither was very good, but both were visually amazing.  This time around he's got a story that sounds interesting - a brutal Greecian king (Mickey Rourke) wreaks havoc across the country in search of a magical, invisible bow that he hopes to use against the gods of Olympus and become the master of the world. As expected the visuals in the trailer look amazing and might actually make good use of 3-D technology unlike so many other films that just slap it on as an afterthought. You can get a bigger Immortals fix at the movies home page, its Facebook page and you can follow it on Twitter.

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Marvel Knights - Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

I'm not well versed in this new hybrid breed called "motion comics," but the concept is very interesting. The idea is to take a traditional comic book, use the artwork already supplied, and amp it up with animation. Its a blending of the two medias which makes it more animated than the drawn images on a page, and more static than a traditional cartoon adaptation. Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers was inspired by the graphic novel by Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic and presents a four-part take on the ancient Norse mythology. The animation looks really intersting and I'm excited to get a look at this new style of media.

The four episodes of the motion comic come out on DVD on September 13. Learn more at its official site.


Opening Sequence:


Troll Battle:

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