Movie Recon: A Bird of the Air & Johnny English Reborn

Get the lowdown on two upcoming films.
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Movie Recon

For today's recon we've got a quirky romance and a parrot in A Bird of the Air, plus Rowan Atkinson acting like, well like Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Reborn.  For posters, trailers, stills and more, please continue reading. 

A Bird of the Air 


We should all be just a wee bit suspicious of movies with one of its stars being neither human or animated.  Whether it's Clint Eastwood with an orangutan or Bill Murray and an elephant, movies about animals are regularly terrible.  The plot synopsis of A Bird of the Air - "A sassy parrot and free-spirited librarian upend the well-ordered life of a solitary man" doesn't exactly scream out quality picture to me either. But there's something about the trailer that appeals to me.  The leads (Jackson Hurst and Rachel Nichols) seem pleasant enough and from what I can see of the writing/direction it's got just the right mix of quirky affection that it could be really enjoyable.  Of course it could also be a total disaster with all the best moments having already been seen in the trailer, but I'm crossing my fingers for something good. 

A Bird of the Air opens September 23.  You can see more on its official website.




Johnny English Reborn


Rowan Atkinson returns as the improbabe secret agent who is more bumble than super spy, but always manages to win anyway.  This time English has been in a secret location in Asia where he's been honing his skills and getting away from it all, but he's pulled back in when the Chinese premier's life is at risk.  Costarring Gillian Anderson, Dominick West, and Richard Schiff, Johnny English Reborn promises more spy-spoofing, slapsticking silliness one has come to expect from Rowan Atkinson. 

Johnny English Reborn comes out October 28 in the USA and earlier in many European countries.You can get a full release schedule and all the other information you need on the official site



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