Marvel's The Avengers Coming to Blu-ray on September 25

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Before this past summer, writer/director Joss Whedon developed a cult following of fans from television series, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly.  Then he worked on a small film that came out earlier in the year you may have heard of called The Avengers, which was so successful at box offices around the world, only James Cameron has made a film (two actually) that have grossed more (not counting adjustments for inflation).  Naturally, the release of The Avengers on home video has many of its fans salivating to get their hands on it, so the studio has released some small clips to tide them over.

Clip #1: Thanos appears in this closing credits teaser, but do you think he'll appear in Avengers 2?  

Clip #2: Avengers Assemble.  The camera panning around the group is the film's iconic shot.

Clip #3: Captain America shows his tactical acumen and leadership qualities.

Clip #4: The Avengers prepare for action.

Clip #5: The Avengers battle against the Chitauri.


That's all, folks.  Will you be picking up Marvel's The Avengers the day it comes out?

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