Infographic: Tony Stark's Various Iron Man Armors

A look in Tony Stark's closest.
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The summer box-office battle is already in high gear as Iron Man 3 has already accumulated of $711 million as of May 6. Though making a killing, opinion is somewhat mixed, even here at Cinema Sentries. While one reviewer "enjoyed it slightly more than The Avengers," another called it, "arguably the worst Marvel film to hit the big screen," though one has to wonder if he ever saw Captain America (1992), which Chad Derdowski calls a "turd."

Iron Man 3 finds Tony Stark tinkering in his lab, creating numerous suits of armor, such as the Mark XVII “Heartbreaker,” the Mark XXXIII “Silver Centurion,” the Mark XXXVIII “Igor,” the Mark XXXIX “Gemini,” the Mark XL “Shotgun,” the Mark XXXV “Red Snapper,” and much more.

Costume Discounters, one of the largest online costume retailers specializing in costumes, makeup and accessories, which includes a number of Iron Man-related costumes, has created an infographic that highlights the various armors with their abilities and the films they appeared.

Different Iron Man Armors

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