getTV Showcases 1957 Classic TV Series Gem The Thin Man with Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirk

The new "Get Lost in TV" block will spotlight one classic TV gem every month, including The Lieutenant and The Jimmy Stewart Show.
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Press release: “Get Lost In TV” with getTV, as the network kicks off the all-new block with a tribute to the 1957 crime comedy series THE THIN MAN, every Wednesday in March at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. The weekly block, which premieres on March 2, puts the spotlight on a different rare television classic each month, airing five episodes back-to-back to create the ultimate vintage binge watching experience. Future blocks will highlight Gene Roddenberry’s 1963 military drama THE LIEUTENANT, starring Robert Vaughn, and the incomparable James Stewart in the 1971 family comedy THE JIMMY STEWART SHOW, among others.

Based on the fan-favorite 1934 Pre-Code mystery of the same name, THE THIN MAN series stars Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirk as married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles, getting wrapped up in shady schemes and solving crimes with their wire-hair terrier Asta. The series was the first program produced by MGM, and was celebrated by critics for its portrayal of Nora as a true leading lady instead of just part of the scenery. Notable guest stars include iconic crooner Frank Sinatra, funnymen Bob Hope and Don Rickles, and Golden Age starlet Nina Foch, as well as Gavin MacLeod, Marion Ross, Robert Quarry, and more.

The month-long event highlights 25 classic episodes from the series’ first season, airing in chronological order, following the sleuthing spouses as they uncover a gang of blackmailers, investigate an actor’s murder, attend a spooky séance, help crooner Vic Damone evade a stalker, and represent murder suspect Robby the Robot. The lineup also includes a number of guest appearances from entertainment legends such as Barbara Nichols, George Murphy, Robert Taylor, Sid Melton, Simon Oakland, and Whit Bissell, among others. Although the series only lasted two seasons, it was well received by both critics and fans, and was nominated for a primetime Emmy in 1959. THE THIN MAN was acquired from Warner Bros. Distribution.

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