Garagehouse Pictures to Screen 3D 35mm Print of Frankenstein's Bloody Terror

Paul Naschy's 1971 film to be presented theatrically in original 3D format for first time in nearly 50 years.
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Press Release: Garagehouse Pictures and Independent International Pictures announce new 35mm print of FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR in 3D available for theatrical bookings.

Horror fans rejoice! One of the "holy grails" of cult cinema, presumed lost forever, has been unearthed and is heading back to the big screen for the first time in nearly fifty years. Garagehouse Pictures is proud to announce a newly struck 35mm print of FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR in 3D!

The story behind FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR is legendary: in 1971, famed film producer Samuel Sherman's Independent International Pictures secured theatrical rights to distribute the Spanish werewolf movie MARK OF THE WOLFMAN -- first in the long-running series of "El Hombre Lobo" films featuring Euro-horror superstar Paul Naschy -- in the United States. Sherman also infamously retitled the movie FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR despite the fact that neither Dr. Frankenstein nor his monster actually appears in the film! FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR was enjoying a successful theatrical run in the states when distributor Samuel Sherman learned that the film was originally shot in 3D, so he decided to strike up some 3D prints for release in the U.S. The new version opened on a handful of Los Angeles screens, but difficulties with the projection lenses prompted Sherman to pull the screenings after a brief run. While the flat version of FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR continued to play drive-ins for years to come and eventually became a staple of TV “Creature Feature” programs, the 3D prints of the movie vanished entirely and the stereoscopic version passed into legend.

Now, nearly half a century later, this Franken-favorite is finally being resurrected: though long assumed to be lost or destroyed, a search of the Independent-International archives has turned up the original 3D dupe negative elements; a new 35mm print has been struck by Garagehouse Pictures and it will soon begin touring the United States.

The world premiere of the newly struck print will take place at the Quad Cinema in NYC on 10/14, and will be introduced by Sam Sherman himself, as part of “Comin’ At Ya! 35mm 3-D”, a week-long survey of over/under movies from 1966-1984.  FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR will have its Philadelphia premiere at International House on 12/9, as part of an Exhumed Films double feature with DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN, also with Sam Sherman in attendance.  More dates to be announced soon!  Check the Garagehouse Pictures website and/or Facebook pages for more information.

These screenings of FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR are made possible by the use of custom-made state-of-the-art chromatic 3D viewers and technology, that allow 35mm motion pictures to be shown in venues without the need for the requisite silver screen needed for the old polarized stereoscopic process.  Now audiences will finally be able to view FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR as originally intended!  Any parties interested in bringing Paul Naschy in 3D on 35mm to their cinemas should contact Garagehouse Pictures

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