Frida Cinema's 2nd Annual Overnight Sci-Fi Marathon 'Starship Frida' to Blast Off Saturday, May 4th!

A special prize will be given to all guests who stay through the entire experience.
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Press release: Orange County's non-profit art house theater The Frida Cinema invites guests to embark on a 12-hour overnight odyssey through some of sci-fi cinema’s most fantastic, thrilling, terrifying, and mind-bending worlds at their 2nd Annual Starship Frida overnight event!

One of the cinema's two annual overnight film marathons, along with October's overnight horror marathon Camp Frida, Starship Frida is a twelve-hour marathon of science-fiction classics that kicks off at 8pm on May the 4th (Star Wars reference fully intended), and continues through to 8am.  Starship Frida's event coordinator Alissa Flores says of the event, "Our amazing team of Starship Frida volunteers put together a great selection of films this year. In keeping with tradition, this year's space voyagers can also expect a fully-themed environment as we transform our dual-auditorium venue into a space station, complete with out-of-this-world decor, galactic treats, and a whole host of characters to help make this trip really special! The returning 'Choose Your Own Adventure' format will give everyone an opportunity to create their own unique journey across the stars, and there will be plenty to eat on this voyage to keep passengers happy throughout the night!"

A special prize will be given to all guests who stay through the entire experience, and The Frida promises they'll have coffee at the ready to help keep their guests going!  Guests are encouraged to dress comfortably, bring pillows and blankets, and are welcome to bring snacks.

As for the films?  Flores says, "Destinations are completely hush-hush until you’re strapped in and ready to blast off! That's been a huge part of the fun with both our Camp Frida's and last year's Starship Frida, and we're definitely keeping that tradition going!"

Prepare for more surprises, giveaways, and interplanetary fun than you can chuck a Tribble at! Your cosmic voyage kicks off at 8pm on Saturday May the 4th!

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