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The book made me contemplate big concepts like how humanity can only be brought together by an outside force bent on our destruction.
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I'm not much for science fiction, actually. I know and have seen most of the classic films of the genre. And liked them. But I'm quite deficient in the category of books.  A couple of years ago I decided to try and remedy this and started looking for the classic sci-fi books.  Time and time again, I heard the title Ender's Game, and eventually got down and read it.

I was not too impressed, initially. Orson Scott Card is a decent writer, but his prose is a bit staid, provoking very little emotion or beauty from his words. The story, while original, didn't keep me up at night turning page after page. But his themes, his ideas were quite interesting and worth pondering. The book made me contemplate big concepts like how humanity can only be brought together by an outside force bent on our destruction. Or to what extremes should we go to in the name of security. At the end (and further developed in its sequel, Speaker for the Dead) it raises the complex notion that a more advanced alien life form might in fact consider us nothing more than little bugs to be squashed into non-existence without the slightest thought.

In some ways, this is the nature of science-fiction - to not be concerned as much on eloquent prose, nor terrific storytelling, but, instead to come up with interesting ideas and philosophies.  It is here that one might wonder whether or not such a book can adequately be put to the big screen (that and the fact that a large chunk of the novel includes a bunch of naked pre-teen boys involved in a great deal of violence against each other and others.) But making it a bankable film is exactly what writer/director Gavin Hood plans on doing.

As the book is enormously popular amongst sci-fi and fantasy geeks, the movie has been hotly anticipated, and the filmmakers have done a great job so far slowly releasing bits and pieces to grow the excitement.  Thus far they have released a poster, some stills, a teaser trailer, and a teaser to the teaser trailer, which has become annoyingly normal these days.  Never fear, the Sentries have been on high reconnaissance and have all of those for you right here, right now. The film stars Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggen and includes an incredible number of great actors including: Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Aramis Knight, Hailee Steinfeld, Jimmy Pinchak, and Viola Davis.

Call me Locked on Target.

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