ENCORE Celebrates Stephen King in September

Throughout the month of September, “The Stephen King Collection” will feature some of the author's most memorable films.
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ENCORE presents “The Stephen King Collection” featuring 19 different, uncut films dedicated to one of the most prolific horror writers of all time - Stephen King - every night starting Monday,September 1st at 8pm ET/PT only on ENCORE.

ENCORE kicks off the month long celebration with the 1980 classic, The Shining starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. The horrifying month-long showcase will also celebrate King’s 67th birthday with an all-day Birthday Marathon on Sunday, September 21st beginning at 7:50am ET/PT.

Throughout the month of September, “The Stephen King Collection” will feature some of the most his most memorable films including the 1986 action adventure Stand By Me starring Will Wheaton, River Phoenix and Cory Feldman; the horror classic Carrie starring Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie; and the dog attacking thriller Cujo featuring a terrorizing St. Bernard.

Every night in September at 8:00pm ET/PT

9/1 The Shining, Part One (1997)
9/2 The Shining, Part Two (1997)
9/3 The Shining, Part Three (1997)
9/4 Stand By Me
9/5 Sometimes They Come Back - Note: Begins at 9:00pm due to Stand Up 2 Cancer
9/6 Salem’s Lot, Part One (1979), 9:35 pm Salem’s Lot Part Two (1979)
9/7 Dreamcatcher
9/8 Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, Part One (1999)
9/9 Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, Part Two (1999)
9/10 Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, Part Three (1999)
9/11 Carrie (2002), 10:15 pm - The Rage, Carrie 2
9/12 Dreamcatcher
9/13 Maximum Overdrive
9/14 Hearts in Atlantis
9/15 Sometimes They Comeback
9/16 Desperation (Pending)
9/17 Dolores Clairborne
9/18 Needful Things
9/19 Secret Window
9/20 The Dead Zone
9/21 Cujo [Part of Stephen King’s All-day 67th Birthday Marathon]
9/22 Stephen King’s Riding the Bullet
9/23 Hearts in Atlantis
9/24 Return to Salem’s Lot
9/25 Maximum Overdrive
9/26 Cujo
9/27 Christine
9/28 The Running Man
9/29 Salem’s Lot, Part One (1979)
9/30 Salem’s Lot, Part Two (1979)

**Stephen King’s 67th Birthday Marathon - Sunday, September 21st on ENCORE

7:50am Sometimes They Come Back
9:30am Secret Window
11:10am Hearts in Atlantis
12:55pm Salem’s Lot, Part One
2:35pm Salem’s Lot, Part Two
4:15pm Stand By Me
5:45pm Dreamcatcher
8:00pm Cujo
9:35pm Christine
11:30pm Maximum Overdrive

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