Elysium, Tales of the Night, Oz the Great and Powerful [Movie Recon]

Images, trailers, and more from three upcoming films.
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The Plot: Set in the year 2159, where the very wealthy lives on a man-made space station while the rest of population reside on a ruined Earth, a man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds.

The Filmmakers: Directed and written by Neil Blomkamp, starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and William Fichtner.

The Status: Locked on Target.  While I thought District 9 was not nearly as good as most everyone else did, I still found it to be an intelligent piece of science fiction by and very capable filmmaker. Elysium appears to be living in a similar science-fiction world, but the cast is good, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing if Blomkamp is to reach his potential or quickly turn into a M. Night Shyamalan-type one-trick pony.

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Elysium is scheduled for release on March 1, 2013.

Tales of the Night

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The Plot: A compilation film composed of five episodes of a French television show and one as yet unseen tale each story unfolds in a unique locale, from Tibet, to medieval Europe, an Aztec kingdom, the African plains, and even the Land of the Dead.

The Filmmakers: Written and directed by Michael Ocelot, starring Julien Beramis, Marine Griset, and Michel Ellas.

The Status: Locked on Target.  My wife has seen Kirikou by the same director and raves about it.  Combine that with the beautiful animation from the trailer and stills and I'm totally on bored.

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Tales of the Night was released to a limited number of U.S. theaters September 26.

Oz the Great and Powerful

The Plot: A prequel to The Wizard of Oz this one tells how the Wizard came to rule Oz.

The Filmmakers: Based upon the works of L. Frank Baum, written by Mitchell Kapner, directed by Sam Raimi and starring James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz. and Mila Kunis.

The Status: On the Radar.  Everything about this film looks good.  I like the filmmakers, and the art direction looks amazing.  However, I am always leery of sequels (or prequels) to classic movies.  There is pretty much no way this can live up to the Wizard of Oz's standards, but I'm hoping it will simply be able to capture at least a small part of that magic.

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