El Rey Network's 'April Ghouls' Marathon Begins April 1st

You know what they say… April growlers bring May blood showers.
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Press release: April will be creeping up on you with El Rey Network’s “April Ghouls” marathon!

This marathon is no joke - El Rey Network will be crawling under your skin this April Fool’s Day with the classic CRITTERS and GHOULIES series, as well as the recent release GHOULS. The marathon of mini-monsters will begin on Friday, April 1 at 4:00 PM ET/PT, and will nibble at your soul throughout the weekend until it ends on April 3.  Below us the schedule and synposes.

El Rey Network's April Ghouls Film Schedule

Friday, April 1

4:00 PM ET/PT           “GHOULIES”

5:30 PM ET/PT           “GHOULIES 2”

7:00 PM ET/PT           “CRITTERS”

9:00 PM ET/PT           “CRITTERS 2”

11:00 AM ET/PT         “CRITTERS 3”

1:00 AM ET/PT           “CRITTERS 4”

3:00 AM ET/PT           “GHOULIES”

4:30 AM ET/PT           “GHOULIES 2”

Saturday, April 2

6:00 AM ET/PT           “GHOULS”

8:00 AM ET/PT           “GHOULIES 2”

9:30 AM ET/PT           “GHOULIES”

11:00 AM ET/PT         “CRITTERS”

1:00 PM ET/PT           “CRITTERS 2”

3:00 PM ET/PT           “CRITTERS 3”

5:00 PM ET/PT           “CRITTERS 4”

7:00 PM ET/PT           “GHOULIES”

8:30 PM ET/PT           “GHOULIES 2”

10:00 PM ET/PT         “CRITTERS”

12:00 AM ET/PT         “CRITTERS 2”

2:00 AM ET/PT           “CRITTERS 3”

4:00 AM ET/PT           “CRITTERS 4”

Sunday, April 3

6:00 AM ET/PT           “CRITTERS 4”

8:00 AM ET/PT           “CRITTERS 3”

10:00 AM ET/PT         “CRITTERS 2”

12:00 PM ET/PT         “CRITTERS”

2:00 PM ET/PT           “GHOULS”


A race of small, furry aliens make lunch out of the locals in a farming town.

CRITTERS 2 (1988)

Eggs of the small, furry alien carnivores are left behind on Earth and, after hatching, set their appetites on the next neighboring town.

CRITTERS 3 (1991)

The tiny fur ball aliens that will eat anything or anyone set their sights on a Los Angeles apartment tower.

CRITTERS 4 (1992)

After being cryogenically frozen and waking up on a space station in the near future, the Critters aim to have the unwitting crew for lunch.

GHOULS (2008)

A college student returns with her father to his home country only to discover her family holds a dark secret that involves her.


A young man and his girlfriend move into an old mansion home, where he becomes possessed by a desire to control ancient demons.

GHOULIES 2 (1988)

The Ghoulies wreak havoc at an amusement park, disposing of those who mistake them for mere fairground attractions.

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