Cinefamily's Underground USA: Indie Cinema of the '80s Begins with John Sayles Retrospective

This is an opportunity to celebrate a filmmaker, his films and an important kind of American vision.
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If you love independent films and don't live near Los Angeles, CA, prepare to become very jealous as Cinefamily's massive two-month exhibition of classic American movies from the 1980s commences on Thursday,  February 18 with a focus one of that decade's leading lights.

Co-Presented by Cinespia and Production For Use,"A Weekend with John Sayles" presents four programs with the filmmaker that look at his early work, including Joe Dante's Piranha, which Sayles worked on as the screenwriter.

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An Evening w/ John Sayles + Return of the Secaucus Seven - w/ David Strathairn in attendance! Thursday, February 18: 7:30pm

Brother From Another Planet (w/ John Sayles in person and an introduction by Leonard Maltin) + Piranha (Introduced by Roger Corman) - Friday, February 19: 7:30pm

Master Class with John Sayles (moderated by Josh Olson, screenwriter of A History of Violence) + City of Hope - Saturday, February 20: 2:00pm

Lianna + Baby It’s You (w/ John Sayles in person!) - Saturday, February 20: 7:00pm

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