APOLLO 11 - The Immersive Live Show Announces Orange County Performances Starting October 10th

The show invites audiences to go on an epic journey to the Moon and back.
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Press release: The Immersive Live Show touches down in Costa Mesa, CA for a limited engagement at OC Fair & Event Center on Thursday, October 10, with tickets on sale Sunday, June 23. Groups of 10 or more can purchase their tickets now by emailing groupsales@apollo11show.com or calling 1-833-9MOON11. Costa Mesa is the second stop of this exciting new production’s 18-city tour over the next three years.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of man’s first steps on the Moon, the time has come to tell one of the greatest stories in human history. Staged in the groundbreaking, purpose-built LUNAR DOME, APOLLO 11 is a truly immersive live show performed by a full cast under 40,000 square feet of stunning 360° video projection and brought to life by world-class theatre design, a full orchestral score, and life-size rockets.

Taking us to the Moon and back, APOLLO 11’s cast includes Mike Bash (Ensemble), Raquel Cain (Sydney), David Edelstien (Lewis), Jackson Kendall (Ollie), Brian Knudson (Lewis), Brianna McClellan (Elizabeth), James McHale (Ensemble), Herb Mendelsohn (Older Ben), Pete Navis (Ensemble), Levi Petree (Ensemble), Christian Prentice (Younger Ben), Dennis Renard (Ollie), Dylan John Seaton (Ensemble), Jessie Sherman (Ensemble), Malachy Silva (Frank), Ken Stirbl (Older Ben), Tory Stolper (Elizabeth), Tom Trudgeon (Frank), Nick Waaland (Younger Ben) and Tyler Marie Watkins (Sydney).

APOLLO 11 is written by Todd Kreidler and directed by Scott Faris and brought to you by a world-class creative team.

“This truly immersive experience takes you from the thrill of the countdown to the enormous Saturn V rocket launch and on an unforgettable journey to the Moon and back,” said APOLLO 11 director Scott Faris. “We are excited to tell this unique story to the world. It’s guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience audiences will never forget.”

"This show brings back the excitement of a special time in our history. I was fortunate to be one of the 12 people to walk on the Moon," said Charlie Duke, a former astronaut who in 1972, became the youngest person to walk on the Moon. "I was also privileged to be the Apollo 11 CapCom [Capsule Communicator] in Mission Control communicating with Neil and Buzz as they landed on the Moon. It was a historic moment for America and the world, and APOLLO 11 captures the intensity of that time and all the incredible accomplishments leading up to that moment and beyond."

“Going to the Moon is something in your life you will never forget, and an experience like the new APOLLO 11 live show really takes you right back to that time,” said Gerry Griffin, Apollo Flight Director. “It was a different era back then, and the entire world was watching and rooting for us to get to the Moon. It’s pretty incredible to think if that was today, how many people would be watching it live and in color. This show really gives you the feeling as if you were there 50 years ago.”

"As NASA celebrates the incredible achievement and historical moment when humans first landed and walked on the surface of the Moon, we are thrilled to see so many efforts dedicated to inspiring new generations," said Dr. Bill Barry, NASA Chief Historian.

Group tickets for groups of 10 or more are available now!

Email groupsales@apollo11show.com or call 1-833-9MOON11 to purchase group tickets starting today.

Single tickets go on sale Sunday, June 23, with VIP packages available along with special pricing for seniors/students/military/families.

About APOLLO 11 - The Immersive Live Show

APOLLO 11 - The Immersive Live Show invites audiences to go on an epic journey to the Moon and back. The story of the 400,000 individuals it took to accomplish this mission is told through the eyes of Ben, a retired NASA Aerospace Engineer, as he recounts those heady days to his granddaughter Sydney, who finds her eyes turning away from her smartphone and up to the sky as she dreams about the endless possibilities of space. This celebration of one of mankind’s greatest achievements takes audiences of all ages on the ride of a lifetime and inspires future generations to imagine what comes next.

APOLLO 11 will perform in 18 cities across the U.S. with the tour launch on July 5th in the LUNAR DOME at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. Costa Mesa, CA, is the tour’s second stop with Houston, TX, announced as the third city on the tour. More cities to be announced soon.

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