Antenna TV's 2015 Classic Christmas Collection Schedule

Celebrate Christmas with your favorite TV families.
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Antenna TV is presenting a 38-hour marathon of Christmas-themed episodes from their roster of classic television shows.  The festivities start on Christmas Eve at 3:00 PM (ET) with Mr. Belvedere and run late into Christmas night with Maude at 4:30 AM (ET).  Although there are a few repeats and the Yule Log runs at 3:00 AM for the Pacific time zone,  the elves at Antenna TV offer hours of fun to those who tune in.

According to their website, "Local television stations air Antenna TV as a digital multicast channel often on a .2 or .3 channel depending on the city and the station. Antenna TV is free and available over-the-air using rabbit ears (a traditional broadcast television antenna) or a rooftop antenna. In addition, most major cable companies from coast-to-coast carry local affiliate feeds of Antenna TV."  To find it in your area, use Antenna TV's channel finder.

Antenna TV Xmas schedule 1.png

Antenna TV Xmas schedule 2.png

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