Alien: Covenant is the Pick of the Week

This week's new Blu-ray releases include the new Alien film, an update on old Archie, a couple of Criterions, and more.
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In 1979, Ridley Scott directed Alien a near perfect blend of science fiction and horror and one of the greatest films ever made. Seven years later, James Cameron’s sequel Aliens amped up the action and defined that genre.  Two more sequels found diminishing returns.  The lesser said about the Alien vs Predator franchise the better.

In 2012, Scott returned to the series with Prometheus a sort-of prequel.  While I enjoyed it more than most, it is still a very flawed film.  I can’t say that Alien: Covenant was a return to form, because it's riddled with problems, but definitely goes a long way to writing the ship.

It's being released in a variety of combo packages and, of course, in a giant set complete with all the Alien films, so you have a lot of purchasing options which is always a good thing.

Also out this week that looks interesting:

The Blacklist: The Complete Fourth Season:  James Spader stars in this NBC drama about a mysterious criminal who suddenly turns himself in and agrees to help catch a terrorist but only if he works solely through a rookie agent.  That’s always seemed like a slim premise to me, but they’ve successfully milked it for four seasons, so I guess James Spader’s charisma goes a long way.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season:  Season Two did some much needed revamping of a show full of uninteresting superheroes.  It still needs a lot of work but its on the right track (or at least the first half of Season Two was; I’m not quite done with it).

Riverdale: The Complete First Season:  The old Archie comics get a modern update in this live-action take from the WB.  I wasn’t thrilled with the one episode I’ve seen, but Shawn Bourdo dug it.

Meantime (Criterion Collection):  Mike Leigh’s drama about two brothers living with their unemployed parents in London’s East End.  Leigh is one of those directors I know I need to watch, but never seem to find the time.  Maybe this will help.

Hopscotch (Criterion Collection):  Walter Matthau, Sam Waterston, and Ned Beatty star in this twisty spy thriller that I’ve never heard of, but now I’m desperate to see.

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