A Holly Jolly H&I Schedule

H&I has you covered with multiple days of holiday programming from all your favorite shows.
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Snowed in this holiday season? Want to watch something good with the family? Or maybe you want to watch something good while avoiding the family. H&I has you covered with multiple days of holiday programming from all your favorite shows.

Thursday, December 19

Monk "Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa" / "Mr. Monk Meets His Dad" / "Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa"

5/6/7p ET | 4/5/6p CT

When a detective dies at the police department Christmas party after drinking from a poisoned bottle of port intended for Captain Stottlemeyer, can Monk find the killer?

Monk's estranged father, Jack, returns at Christmas time, but all is not merry with the Monks.

Monk becomes a social pariah when he shoots a man dressed as Santa Claus. Can he clear his name and foil a larger criminal plot in time for Christmas?

Saturday, December 21

MacGyver "The Madonna"

1p ET | 12p CT

MacGyver and the kids at the Challenge Center discover the meaning of Christmas when they befriend a mysterious homeless woman.

Martial Law "Sammo Claus"

2p ET | 1p CT

Robbers dressed as Santa Claus rob a toy store.

The Pretender "Not Even a Mouse"

4p ET | 3p CT

As Christmas approaches, Jarod becomes a coroner in his effort to learn the truth about a man dressed as Santa Claus who was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

The District "The Santa Wars" / "Small Packages"

9/10p ET | 8/9p CT

Two groups of Santas fight over the best corners for charity. In the meantime, Mannion is threatened by an anonymous phone caller.

On Christmas, Temple and Debreno look for three men disguised as elves, Mannion makes a promise dressed as Santa, and Nancy and Brander find a baby in a manger scene.

Hill Street Blues "Santaclaustrophobia" / "The Virgin and the Turkey"

11p/12a ET | 10/11p CT

It’s Christmas Eve on the Hill, but holiday cheer is in short supply. As everyone makes last minute plans for December 25, Captain Furillo must concentrate on finding four marauding youths who have already claimed several victims.

Captain Furillo returns home for a brief holiday visit for the first time in five years, trying to bind old wounds with his conservative parents, who can’t seem to forgive their son or accept their “new” daughter-in-law.

Sunday, December 22

Daniel Boone "The Christmas Story"

11a ET | 10a CT

The birth of a Native American child poses a threat to the peace of Boonesborough when Daniel Boone’s kindness in giving shelter to the new mother is misrepresented.

The Dead Zone "A Very Dead Zone Christmas"

1a ET | 12a CT

When female psychic Alex Sinclair (Jennifer Finnigan) pays Johnny a surprise Christmas visit, the two work together to solve the mystery of one very lost and confused Santa.

Monday, December 23

Nash Bridges "25 Hours of Christmas"

7p ET | 6p CT

The SIU are trapped at the office on Christmas Eve, as they finish wrapping up a murder investigation.

Tuesday, December 24

House "Damned If You Do" / "Merry Little Christmas" / "It's a Wonderful Lie" / "Joy to the World"

4/5/6/7p ET | 3/4/5/6p CT

At Christmas, House's treatment of a nurse is called into question, and an unusual remedy is given to a man with an inflamed bowel.

Wilson arranges a deal for House as Cuddy cuts him off from the team's case -- a young girl that's quickly getting worse.

A paralyzed woman withholds vital information, and House interferes with the Secret Santa.

The team investigates when a teen falls ill at a Christmas program, and everyone speculates why House is giving gifts.

NYPD Blue "From Hare to Eternity"

1a ET | 12a CT

Fancy’s job is jeopardized when the District Commander accuses him of mismanaging the department. Kelly and Sipowicz investigate the kidnapping of a young girl. A destitute mother with a questionable past agrees to testify against a man who is suspected of committing armed robbery.

Wednesday, December 25

Wanted Dead or Alive "Eight Cent Reward"

7:30a ET | 6:30a CT

On Christmas Eve, Randall receives his most daunting assignment yet: bring in Santa Claus.

Have Gun, Will Travel "Be Not Forgetful of Strangers"

8a ET | 7a CT

Duane Eddy as a cowboy who arrives in town during Christmas with his pregnant wife — and no lodgings.

Rawhide "Twenty-Five Santa Clauses"

9a ET | 8a CT

A conman and his wife con the drovers into pooling their efforts to prepare a Christmas celebration for a sickly Mexican boy. The boy isn't really sick and Rowdy ignores Favor's orders to move the herd across a river, trapping the herd.

JAG "Jaggle Bells" / "Ghosts of Christmas Past" / "Answered Prayers" / "All Ye Faithful" / "A Merry Little Christmas" / "The Four Percent Solution"

2/3/4/5/6/7p ET | 1/2/3/4/5/6p CT

A sudden appearance by Mac's "little sister," a Navy psychiatrist accused of DUI, and a snowstorm in Washington, D.C., create a chaotic atmosphere at JAG HQ. Mac's sister turns out to be the daughter of a submariner who'd been presumed dead.

During his annual visit to the Vietnam Memorial, Harm meets Jenny Lake, a former singer in Bob Hope's USO band, who was there the Christmas his father was shot down.

When Christmas closes the Navy brig, Harm is stuck watching larcenous Petty Officer Jennifer Coates. Bud's brother Mikey is nominated for an appointment to the Naval Academy.

As the JAG team attempts to get together for Christmas, they each face a different crisis of their own.

Harm's attempts to become Mattie's legal guardian are complicated due to his single status and lifestyle.

Mac is knocked unconscious in an auto accident on Christmas Eve and we see her meetings with her therapist Lt Commander McCool along with flashbacks of her life at JAG.

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