Watch Oingo Boingo Live from Halloween Weekend 1987

It's another Dead Man's Party.
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Last year, thanks to Despina838 of YouTube, we presented video from Oingo Boingo's 1990 Halloween show.  It was a local tradition for the band to play Orange County's Irvine Meadows from 1986 to 1991, and luckily, I attend was able to attend that last year.  Their final concert was Halloween 1995.  

Inspired by seeing Danny Elfman sing songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, I have decided to start our own tradition by presenting Despina838's video from 1987.  In March of that year, they had released Boi-ngo, their fifth studio album.  I have chosen the Friday night, Halloween Eve performance because it is 20 minutes longer and includes five more songs. Enjoy!


1. Dead Man's Party
2. Home Again
3. Dead Or Alive
4. Who Do You Want To Be
5. Private Life
6. Help Me
7. We Close Our Eyes
8. My Life
9. Sweat
10. Grey Matter
11. Gratitude
12. Stay
13. It Only Makes Me Laugh
14. No One Lives Forever
15. Just Another Day
16. New Generation
17. Not My Slave
18. Insects
19. Elevator Man
20. Wild Sex
21. Capitalism
22. Nothing To Fear
23. On The Outside
24. Goodbye, Goodbye
25. Weird Science
26. Little Girls
27. Violent Love
28. Nasty Habits
29. No Spill Blood 
30. Only A Lad
31. Ain't This The Life

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