The Saturday Public Domain Movie: Two Women (1960)

"Do you know what they have done those "heroes" that you command?" - Cesira
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Based on the novel of the same name by Alberto Moravia, Vittorio De Sica's Two Women (La ciociara) is a powerful film about the horrors of war experineced by innocent bystanders stuck in the middle of it.

Sophia Loren, in an internationally acclaimed performance that earned the first ever Best Acting Oscar presented to a foreign film, stars as Cesira, a widow living in Rome with her young daughter Rosetta (Eleonora Brown). To avoid the city's bombing by Allied Forces, the two head to the province of Ciociaria in Central Italy where Cesira is from. There she meets Michele(Jean-Paul Belmondo), a young Ciociarian man with communist sympathies. After Italian liberation, Cesira and Rosetta return to Rome. Their journey finds them suffering at the hands of soliders on both sides of the war. 

Though 50 years since its release, the story of Two Women unfortunately still resonates today as revealed in an article on a UN website entitled "Women. War & Peace" that states,  "In contemporary conflicts, as much as 90 percent of casualties are among civilians, most of whom are women and children."

This is English-dub version of the film. 


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