The Saturday Public Domain Movie: Twelve Crowded Hours (1939)

Happy 100th birthday to America's favorite redhead.
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Even though Hollywood couldn't find a way to turn one of the funniest comediennes into a movie star, Cinema Sentries wants to honor the centennial of Lucille Ball's birth with a Saturday Public Domain Movie screening.

She was a contract player for RKO in the 1930s, appearing in small parts alongside the likes of the Three Stooges (Three Little Pigskins, 1934), Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (Top Hat, 1935), and the Marx Brothers in Room Service (1938).  She became known as the "Queen of the B's" but it was her success on the radio program My Favorite Husband, which CBS wanted developed into a television show, that led her to become the icon she is today.

In director Lew Landers' Twelve Crowded Hours, Richard Dix stars as Nick Green, a reporter out to catch the gangsters who murdered his editor while working to clear suspect Dave Sanders (Allan Lane), who is the brother of his girlfriend Paula (Lucille Ball).  Aside from Ball, Lane would also make a name for himself in TV as the voice of Mr. Ed.

So grab an endless supply of chocolate bonbons and pour yourself a glass of Vitameatavegamin and enjoy the movie

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