The Saturday Public Domain Movie: The Navigator (1924)

"Rollo Treadway - Heir to the Treadway fortune - a living proof that every family tree must have its sap"
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This week's installment of the Saturday Public Domain Movie presents our first silent movie: The Navigator, starring and co-directed by Buster Keaton.

In his fourth feature film, Keaton portrays Rollo Treadway, a wealthy young man who one day at the spur of the moment decides to propose to his neighbor across the street, Betsy O'Brien (Kathryn McGuire). She rejects him and though disappointed he decides not to waste the honeymoon tickets to Hawaii. 

Through a mix-up, he unknowingly boards the Navigator, a ship owned by Betsy's father John (Frederick Vroom), which has been sold to an unnamed country at war. Spies working for the other country in the war plan to set the ship adrift into the ocean. Down at the docks, John is kidnapped and Betsy goes looking for him aboard the ship. When Rollo and Betsy discover each other, they are already out to sea and struggle to survive.

Sit back and enjoy the comedy and action of The Navigator.

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