The Saturday Public Domain Movie: Crimes at the Dark House (1940)

"Oh, I`ve been longing to sink my fingers into your fat, greasy, little throat." - Faux Sir Percival Glyde
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Crimes Dark Houses

Tod Slaughter stars in this British thriller Crimes at the Dark House based on Wilkie Collins' novel The Woman in White, though to what degree is not clear to me as I don't know either.

The film opens in Australia where Slaughter's unnamed character murders Sir Percival Glyde while he's sleeping and then impersonates Sir Percy back home in England thinking he going to come into a great fortune.  But Sir Percival wasn't as well off as he appeared.  Faux Percival quickly discovers the estate in debt and to his great suprise Lady Catherick (Elsie Wagstaff) shows up claiming Percy is the father her daugher Anne (Sylvia Marriott). 

Yet things begin looking up for Faux Percival.  He is betrothed to Laurie Fairlie (also Sylvia Marriott) and he fools around with chambermaid Jessica (Rita Grant).  But when people get in the way of his plans, they disappear.

If you like over-the-top acting, Tod Slaughter is a delight as the villian with his sinster laugh accompanying his gruesome exploits.  Get comfortable, turn off the light and enjoy Crimes at the Dark House.

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