The Saturday Public Domain Movie: Adventures of Don Quixote (1933)

"I've got chivalry in me head but me stomach craves for food." - Sancho Panza
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don quixote

Continuing this month's theme of movies adaptated from books brings us to director G.W. Pabst's Adventures of Don Quixote, based on the novel by Miguel de Cervantes and starring Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin, who played the character in Massenet's 1910 opera of the same name.

In 16th Century Spain, Don Quixote finds himself longing for the days of chivalry.  Considered mad by his fellow townsfolk for selling off his land to buy books, he and his trusted squire, Sancho Panza (George Robey), set out to find adventures worthy of a knight, though Don Quixote always misreads the situations. 

The version presented here is in English and runs 55 minutes, condensed from its theatrical relase of 73 minutes, which already abbreviated the events of the novel.  Students figuring they can watch the movie and skip the book should know that the order of events in the novel have been changed as well.



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