The Saturday Public Domain Movie: A Bucket of Blood (1959)

"Life is an obscure hobo, bumming a ride on the omnibus of art." - Maxwell H. Brock
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After American International Pictures gave him a $50,000 budget and a five-day shooting schedule to create a horror movie, producer/director Roger Corman teamed up with screenwriter Charles B Griffith for their first of three films to create A Bucket of Blood, which was inspired by House of Wax (1953) starring Vincent Price.

Dick Miller stars as Walter, a shy bumbling busboy working at a beatnik coffee house. He wants to be a sculptor although he has no skills. One evening he accidentally kills his landlord's cat, and to hide what happened, he covers the cat in clay and turns it into a sculpture that impresses many people.

One evening, a fan of his work gives Walter some heroin unbeknownst to him, which is noticed by an undercover cop (Bert Convy). When the cop tries to arrest Walter, he kills the cop and turns him into a piece. As Walter becomes increasingly successful, he is driven to create more "work."

Considering the restraints of time and money he worked under, Corman and his team do an impressive job with this amusing though oddly titled movie.



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