No More Trouble in the Forest: Rush Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall Fame

"[Rush has] always been cool." - Dave Grohl
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On Thursday, April 18, 2013, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted Rush, Heart, Public Enemy, Albert King, Donna Summer and Randy Newman as well as Lou Adler and Quincy Jones.  Most notable was the inclusion of Rush. who had been eligible since 1999, a year that saw less influential artists such as Billy Joel, Del Shannon, and Dusty Springfield get inducted.  Rush's yearly snubbing had long been a sore spot for fans, but was a blemish on the Hall of Fame more than anything else.

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters offered a passionate, funny induction speech that recognized what makes the band so special to its many fans, a group is a member of.  They earned points for knocking Rolling Stone, whose publisher Jann Wenner is a co-founder the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, for wrongfully ignoring and dismissing the band for so many years. 

The band members spoke and their personalities shined through in their acceptance speeches.  Drummer Neil Peart offered insightful reflection, singer/bassist Geddy Lee offered heartfelt thanks, and guitarist Alex Lifeson was hysterical in a speech that made clear his feelings about everything without ever saying a word, which makes so much sense for a musician.

Foo Fighters peformed "Overture" from 2112, dressed in garb the recalls the band from that era.

Videos courtesy of YouTube user clg2112

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