Laurel and Hardy in Dirty Work (1933)

"The whole thing looks screwy to me!" - Oliver
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Dirty Work is the fifth and final short the boys released in 1933, a month before their classic feature Sons of the Desert, and it is a funny one.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are working as chimney sweeps and get work at the home of Professor Noodle, a scientist developing a formula to reverse the aging process, but that is just a set-up for the final joke that closes out the film.

This film could have been set in any house with a chimney because the main focus of the story, and the laughs, are the antics between the comedic duo as they attempt to clean what has to be the world's dirtiest chimney.

For your Friday night viewing pleasure, Cinema Sentries presents Dirty Work.

Trivia: The clouds of chimney soot which engulfs the boys and Noodle's butler Jessup was actually powdered chocolate.

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