Contest: Who Wants to Win Classic Doctor Who DVDs?

You may be able to accompany the Doctor on a couple of adventures.
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Cinema Sentries and BBC Worldwide Americas have teamed up to give six lucky readers the opportunity to win a Doctor Who prize pack, either a two-fer with Patrick Troughton or Tom Baker starring as the time-traveling Time Lord from Gallifrey.

Patrick Troughton was the second actor to play the Doctor, taking over the role at the end of The Tenth Planet (1966) until The War Games (1969) when the Time Lords exiled the Doctor to Earth and forced him to regenerate as a punishment for his crimes, which included stealing the TARDIS.

The Tomb of the Cybermen (read our review) is the Doctor's third encounter with the mechanical men. Set on the planet Telos, the Doctor and his companions discover an expedition looking for the remains of the Cybermen, who had allegedly died 500 years before, but soon prove that notion incorrect.

Created during Jon Pertwee's run, The Three Doctors (read our review) commemorates the series 10th anniversary with a mission requiring the three versions of The Doctor up to that time uniting against a foe that threatens Gallifrey, the Time Lords' home planet.

Tom Baker was the fourth actor to play the Doctor and longest in the role, taking over at the end of Planet of Spiders (1974) until Logopolis (1981) after a battle with The Master resulted in the Doctor's regeneration.

The Baker DVDs are the the first two stories featuring Leela (Louise Jameson), a companion from a primitive tribe who are descendants of an Earth expedition. The Doctor has a mystery to solve when he learns his is The Face of Evil (read our review) to the Sevateem tribe. When miners start dying after the arrival of Doctor and Leela, they become suspects, but it's no surprise who the real culprits are in an episode titled The Robots of Death (read our review). 

There are three ways to enter the contest, which is open to residents of the continental U.S. Entrants can apply for either Doctor (make sure to name Troughton or Baker in the entry), but are only eligible to win one contest.  For first entry, retweet the following post on Twitter: Tweet this. For a second entry, "like" us on our Facebook page and leave a comment under the Doctor Who contest post about your favorite companion. For a third entry, leave a comment below about your favorite villian in the Whoniverse. The contest will close on March 31.

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