Contest: The Official Digimon Adventure Set: The Complete Second Season on DVD

This contest will allow one reader to return to the world of Digimon or enter it for the first time.
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Cinema Sentries and Flatiron Film Company have teamed up to give one lucky reader the opportunity to win The Official Digimon Adventure Set: The Complete Second Season.

The 8-disc collection features all 50 episodes, unedited and previously never officially released in the U.S. until now.  The press release reveals the second season "is the direct sequel to Season 1, and takes place four years after the original series.  Commonly referred to as Digimon Zero Two, it finds most of the original characters now in junior high school, with the Digital World supposedly secure and peaceful.  However, a new evil has appeared in the form of the Digimon Emperor, a human just like the DigiDestined, who has been enslaving all  Digimon. Four new children -- Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken -- are chosen and along with T.K. and Kari, make up the new generation of DigiDestined, charged with saving the Digital World.  Together they journey back to the Digital World to battle the villainous Emperor and free all the Digital Monsters from his control."  Extras include "a full-color 36-page character guide book and a gallery featuring more than 40 villian Digimon sketches."

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There are three ways to enter the contest, which is only open to residents of the continental U.S. For your first entry, follow us on Twitter and retweet the following post on Twitter: Tweet this. For a second entry, "like" our Facebook page and leave a comment under the Digimon contest post. For a third entry, leave a comment below naming your favorite anime character.

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